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If you would like an image of your business, please upload the file below that you would like published.  If you only have a logo and want information included with your logo, upload your logo and type the information you want listed in the Comments field. 


Once your information is published you will be contacted to review and make adjustments.

Advertising Order Form
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Advertising is renewed yearly on February 1st.  Spaces can be obtained for $30/year, pro-rated on a quarterly basis. 

Example: If you sign up for a space in Aug, Sep or Oct, your pro-rated amount would be $15 and would renew at $30 on February 1st.

Advertising spaces are not refundable.

Removal of your content anytime during the year should be requested via the website chat form, located in the bottom right-hand corner.

Please check here that you acknowledge these Terms and Conditions:


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