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Marquee update timeline

Recent comments on the social pages about how long the Marquee has been out prompted us to type a timeline of events.

The marquee has been down for 24 days, not 2 months. We understand the frustration of it not working and are actively trying to get the technician on sight.

August 26 – marquee would not update with current data and events.

August 30 & 31 – phoned technical support with Daktronics to work through troubleshooting that did not resolve the issue.

August 31 – received notice of a software update and followed instructions for download but no change

September 1 – marquee went totally black

September 5 – confirmation that the wi-fi was working and there were no issues with our internet, we contacted Atlas Signs for technical support.

September 8 – agreement signed with Atlas Signs and returned for work to begin September 14 – reached out to Atlas Signs for an ETA on when they would be looking at our sign and were told he was waiting on a signed contract. The signed contract was not received so it was re-sent and verified that it had been received

September 18 – Atlas Signs stated the hardware was fine and we had two options to repair the connectivity issues. We could have a static IP address issued or pay $3,000 for new modem.

September 20 - We opted for the static IP address to get the sign working and are requesting other quotes as the cost of the modem seemed high.

September 22 - We were waiting for the provider to issue the IP address so we can get the technician back out to finish the programming.


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