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Recent Spectrum Email - Riverwalk: Recreational Reserve Port-o-can Survey

Dear Residents:

It has come to our attention that Residents using the Riverwalk Recreational Reserve have requested a port-o-can from the Board due to increased usage.

The board agrees that having a facility would be advantageous in: a) preventing unauthorized use of wooded areas and potential public health risks, b) averting exposure issues, and c) enabling volunteers to upkeep the area and residents to freely enjoy it without having to restrict fluids or time spent at the reserve due to restroom needs.

To ensure this is something the community wants we have created a survey that can be found on your account. Follow the pictures here to access the vote.

***Please ensure you are marking two answers. One for if/how often you use the Riverwalk Recreational Rivers and another for if you agree on the placement of the port-o-can. The voting portal will be open through July 13 for submissions.

Thank you.


Board of Directors,

Riverwalk Property Owners Association


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