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Riverwalk Voices Newletter

Updated: Sep 1

The Riverwalk POA Board has been informed that there was a newsletter titled "Voices of Riverwalk" distributed from "Riverwalk Property" with an email address of

The Board did not authorize this nor did we have any knowledge about this newsletter being sent to a selective group of Riverwalk residents. Spectrum has confirmed that they maintain strict, confidential governance over all resident's information provided to them from the community. Residents that registered with Spectrum were given an account with the ability to limit what information is shown on the Spectrum website for the Riverwalk community. Any resident that approved their email address to be shown on the Spectrum website will be visible to any Riverwalk resident that has an account through Spectrum. It is limited to Riverwalk residents only. With this restriction, the author of the newsletter has access to confidential Spectrum data for the Riverwalk Community. Due to residents contacting the Board with concerns of their personal data being accessed, we are now working on where this newsletter originated. The information presented is not completely accurate so please verify the facts by reaching out to the Board directly, by contacting Spectrum or by researching documents available to all residents on this website or at


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