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Riverwalk Recreational Reserve Survey

The Riverwalk Recreational Reserve is located on Riverwalk Drive directly across from Cumbre Drive. 

Residents using the Riverwalk Recreational Reserve have requested a port-o-can from the Board due to increased usage. Parents of children in baseball practice and volunteer maintainers find it challenging to leave the reserve for basic restroom needs, impacting the activities at the reserve.

The board agrees that having a facility would be advantageous in: a) preventing unauthorized use of the wooded areas and potential public health risks, b) averting exposure issues, and c) enabling volunteers to upkeep the area and residents to freely enjoy it without having to restrict fluids or time spent at the reserve due to restroom needs.

Click here to see the proposed location for the facility. The facility will be green to harmonize with the natural surroundings, securely anchored in place, and undergo weekly by the provider.


Riverwalk POA Board Members

1) Have you utilized the Riverwalk Recreational Reserve?
3) I agree with the placement of a port-o-can on the Riverwalk Recreational Reserve.
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